Editorial note: the quotations from the Guru were noted in the margins of notebooks etc. from the flow of the Guru's talk. It has to be understood that most of his days were spent in talking. Some of it was structured lessons or seminars, but he even talked while brushing his teeth. The quotes are out of context and we are hesitant to present them in this way, but this is what the Guru said and it seems to be of interest. Some quotes are actually phrases also found in his printed works, in context.


The intellectual desire for the Absolute is not enough.
The intellectual must cancel out with the emotional.

Clear thinking tends to result in correct action.

There is no difference between wisdom and common sense, common sense is just sense that is common to everyone, everywhere.

The psyche is a woman.

Psychology is sex.

Sex has to be solved in and through itself.

Hinduism is a woman

My task in life is structuralism

Belly to belly lasts ten minutes, back to back lasts a thousand years.

The goddess is just a woman, any woman
Why should I (the guru) be afraid of the goddess, she is just me upside down.

To seek to rise above intelligence is to fall outside it.

A woman is a complete psyche.

The proper study of mankind is woman

Biologically, the female is the type, the male a sub-type.

If a a penis is correctly inserted in a vagina, the whole universe will burst into flames.

Why does a woman have breasts? Because otherwise she would not know whether to fuck the baby or feed it. (Sic)

All aesthetics is erotic.

Beauty could be described as two things saying the same thing from different angles.

Fill your mind completely with overwhelming Absolute Beauty and you are a mystic.

If you want to catch a train, you look it up in the timetable or ask the stationmaster.
It is the same with philosophy.

Meditation consists of bringing all values inside yourself.

The absolute is tragic.

Education is learning to link name and form.

The Guru asked his Guru, Narayana: "I still do not understand why Arjuna had to fight at the end of the Gita, why was it?"
Narayana answered:  "If he had not fought, he would have regretted it afterwards"

If you cannot explain your philosophy to a grandmother in Ettikulam (a nearby village), go back home and think again.

Someone asked the Guru what he should do to become a vegetarian.
The Guru answered: "Take a chicken, cut its head off, cut it up, cook it and eat it. Keep on doing this until you become a vegetarian".

We are going to change the world for a thousand years.

Art is the cancellation of the self and the non-self.

Beauty could be described as two things saying the same thing from different angles.

Beauty consists of analogies between the beauty felt inside you and the beauty felt outside.

Siddhis (psychic powers) are psycho-physical dynamisms. They are the like plastic spoons etc. in soap-powder packets: free gifts of very little value.

Fill your mind completely with overwhelming Absolute Beauty and you are a mystic.
All appreciation of beauty and all mysticism is erotic.

Reach out to the beauty that is within you.

Experience the truth like holding a gooseberry tightly in your fist.

Aruna (magenta) and Karuna (compassion)
between them are all the message of the Saundarya Lahari.

Love is a vague word used by unscientific people about a feeling they don't understand.


The Guru said, à propos Verse 99 of the Saundarya Lahari, that he himself would like to leave this world by coming on stage naked with his penis in his hand and bowing to the audience showing his bald head with "The End" written on it.  As the Guru often stated: "We are not conventional people"


Every time a woman opens her mouth, she is lying.

Men think with their heads, women think with their behinds; the women are right.

All proper meditation is erotic, anyone who says that it is not so does not know what he is talking about.

On Kandukavati: "There is no Indian Spirituality without the Dancing Girl. Take away the dancing girl and there is nothing left."

"The husband does not merely adore the wife, nor the wife merely adore the husband; it is Self-Bliss alone that each adore, as lodged in every sensuous object."
(Narayana Guru)

Understanding releases from all Karma.

Beauty emerges when two sides meet and cancel.

The colour solid exists inside you.

Where Karma ends, the Tao shines.

"The universe is a machine for making gods."

Beauty consists of analogies.

All religions put some concept on a pedestal
but Vedanta alone cancels everything out.

Maya is the principle of error generically conceived.

There is no such thing as a sad Absolute.

The bearded god of the Sixtine Chapel is a woman.

Put the beauty of your girlfriend together with the sunset and you get God.

Marbles in reaction to one another are horizontal,
a lake inside a lake, a cup inside a cup are vertical

A bitch rolling on its back to feed puppies produces a mystical feeling.

When you say something about God, you are also saying it about yourself.
The feeling of beauty, to be absolute, must contain an "Oh!" or an "Ah!".

Who is this teaching meant for?
It is intended for seekers of wisdom.
"The Truth shall set you free."

You must want wisdom as a deer caught in a forest fire wants to escape.

Our methodology is structuralism.

When the Guru was teaching a lesson on the Saundarya Lahari he noticed a student at the back of the room who was moved to tears. The Guru said: "At least someone has understood."

There is a paradox at the core of the Absolute.
If you try to resolve the paradox, if you try and pin it down, you get a chair or a table; it does not dance."
We are dealing with a dynamism, not a static object.

Question: "Why does all this seem to be directed only at men as wisdom-seekers?"
Nat. Guru: "Women are there already - all women are enlightened."
Question: "All of them?" The Guru replied: "All of them."

"The one who knows the Absolute becomes the Absolute."
Only understand!

When a woman looks into a mirror, she sees God.

If you understand a woman, if you really understand a woman, you understand God.

On varieties of enlightenment: " There are many kinds of Yogis, but there are some few, the most fortunate ones, who can see the Absolute in  a woman's body."

The contribution of Indian Civilisation to spirituality is Erotic Mysticism - it was not repressed by patriarchal and prophetic religions that frowned on sensuality.

If you want to produce a spark, you keep the positive and negative electric poles slightly apart, you don't press them together. Indian tradition says that to get the maximum erotic spark between a man and a woman you should keep the length of a woman's hair apart. (about 30 centimetres)"

On another occasion the Guru said: "If a penis is correctly inserted in a vagina, the whole universe will burst into flames."

When a woman looks into a mirror, she sees God.

The proper study of mankind is woman.

What you thought was fire is a gem that can be touched.

Take the bible and see if it says if the Good Samaritan kissed his wife or not.

If you are crossing a forest and come to a crossroads, keep on going straight and you will get somewhere, otherwise you will go in circles.

Fill your mind completely with overwhelming beauty and you are a mystic.

Cosmology and psychology must coincide.

I am wandering and I want to fill my belly, and I also like money.
In vain I am wandering, and I do not know how to worship you.

Narayana Guru substituted a cucumber for animal sacrifice in a temple- cf. the sacrifice of Isaac.

The gap between ends and means is Maya.

Horizontally viewed, one second can become a thousand years;
Vertically viewed, one thousand years can become one second.

When a beautiful fat housecat rolls in the sunlight, that is Yoga.

I am a mad dog lying on the roadside.
(Narayana Guru)

Disease has its origin in affection.
(Ayurveda Shastra)

But there is a secret that none of them know: knowledge releases from all sin.

Where Karma ends, the Tao shines.

Yoga is a streak of lightning inside you.

Is it a wonder that man can understand the universe, man in whose very being the universe exists, in whom there stands a representative of God in miniature: or is it right to believe that man has Sprung from elsewhere than from heaven?
He alone stands in the midst of the citadel, a conqueror, his head erect, and his shining eyes fixed upon the stars.

Space is like sitting inside an elephant.

Find God through the behinds of women.

There is no such thing as a sad Absolute.

The gates of fate can open anywhere in this world if you knock.

"My Guru is God and humanity".
(Narayana Guru)

Birth is a sleeping and a forgetting.

The universe is a machine for making gods.

When you pour oil from one vessel into another, and the flow continues,
that is meditation.

Anything that attains to the o point conquers the world.

1. THE ACTUAL CHAIR in which the actual man can sit; this chair will exclude another chair, and occupies a particular space.
2. THE VIRTUAL CHAIR, in which a virtual man can sit; much like a mirror reflection.
3. THE ALPHA-POINT CHAIR, the form of the chair generalised,
It excludes all other chairs.
This is the universal concrete version, it excludes horizontally but not vertically.
4. THE OMEGA POINT CHAIR: the word "chair" in the dictionary, it is purely conceptual.

Ontology is better than teleology.

If your religion makes you a better person, then it is a good religion for you.

Why should I feel bad about dying when everyday all over India there are young girls crying at the bus stop because they are being sent away to marry some old man they have never met?

Reincarnation is like a caterpillar crawling from one blade of grass to another, at one time its front is on one, while the back legs are still on another, then after a time it is on the new blade of grass.

The revolution is that we burst through all the chakras, instead of treating them as stages.

Why is the absolute kind?
Because otherwise it would be of no value.

Chakras give you something on which to fix your attention, when trying to think of the absolute.

Structuralism is the highest function of the human mind.

When a man in love sees a woman, what he really sees is his own self.
"kami swatam pasyati" -" a man in love his own self sees"

My birth on earth was a mistake"

When you pour oil from one vessel to another, the flow is meditation."

Beauty consists of two things saying the same thing from different angles.

All religions put some concept on a pedestal, but Vedanta alone cancels everything out.

Someone quoted a poem of Tagore about how he could never be a Sannyasin (renouncer or monk) because he loved too much the sound of women's bangles jangling as they fetched water in the evening.
The Guru said: " It is because I love the sound of women's bangles that I am a Sannyasin".

A woman once asked the Guru why, as he was talking about eroticism all the time, he had not got married.
The Guru replied: "I want all of them."

There are two levels to a woman, inner and outer: rejection outside, enjoyment inside.
This is the paradox in religion.

To a Vidyarthi (wisdom-seeker), everything is denied, except the seeking of wisdom.

All of life is a love affair.

The vertical axis is happiness, the horizontal axis is suffering:

God, according to the Guru can be in three places; in your heart, in your mother's feet or in heaven, between the eyebrows.

Beautiful means normal.

Every beautiful girl is mind-produced by some god on high.

Follow anything whole-heartedly, and you will get the truth.

The structure of woman reveals the structure of the negative aspect of man, his psyche. Add the numerator to this feminine structure and you get the whole picture.

Knowledge is a film(a membrane ED), a form which we impose in order to determine objects in this world.

Schematise and you get the Absolute.

The Guru said that Indian spirituality was dealt a death-blow when the British abolished the temple dancing-girls (devadasis).

Bergson's statement that the universe is a machine for the making of gods is just the converse of the usual proposition and is just as valid for Vedanta.

Meditation is cleansing the mind, according to Sankara.

Philosophy is that intelligence by which the landlady can tell if the tenant will pay the rent

Beware of:
1) Those who talk too much.
2) Those who put religious marks all over their bodies.
3) Women who peek out of their saris."

Every action is a mistake. Make interesting mistakes and make them quickly.

There is nothing closer to the Absolute than a 16 year-old girl

Put the beauty of your girlfriend together with the sunset and you get god.